The Benefits of Having Good Tyres

Using suitable good condition tyres can improve the following:

  1. Fuel efficiency
  2. Handling
  3. Safety
  4. Traction

Always check tyre pressure and inflate to the manufacturer’s recommended level. Fuel efficiency of cars with under-inflated tyres is low. On the other hand over-inflated tyres can reduce handling, putting everyone on the road at a greater risk.

For uniform wearing and better alignment every so often rotate a vehicle’s tyres; front tires tend to wear quicker since they are leaned on when turning.

Always check the owner’s manual to ensure the proper size and type of tyres is purchased. Good quality tyres will give you a better driving comfort as well as a higher level of safety.

Never mix and match tyres. Different tyres behave differently so mixing tyres may end up in compromised safety as well as compromised comfort. Some drivers even choose to fit winter tyres in cold weather conditions. This provides additional safety as they offer better grip on the wet road.